A Call to All Bros

My bros. The world is turning upside down. We are now living in an age where our massive sex appeal, our incredibly large muscles, our quick tempers, our awesome tans, and our popped collars are losing their influence. What’s taking its place? Online hacker nerds. Yes, our arch enemies. The scrawny weiner kids with glasses we beat up at school are now claiming that they’re the shit. These guys, using names like “lulzsec”, “Anonymous”, and “/b/tards”, are going around, fucking with the CIA, fucking with Sony, and fucking with our countries shit. Now I know every self respecting Bro who loves their country should be up in arms about this, but I don’t see any action from the very respectful bro representatives at “the shore”. I mean, DJ Pauly D hasn’t said a thing, and you know that asshole Vinny won’t do anything. Our leadership is incapable. We got to take this into our own hands.

True bros know what really counts in this world. Muscles, tans, and of course, just being the fucking man all the time. That’s why I am calling up all the real bro’s in the world to fight against these ninnies. They may be able to hack into our computer, steal our naked photos, steal our social security numbers, our credit card information, our tanning salon account IDs, but they can’t, I repeat, CAN’T, steal our muscles. So we’re gonna use them. We will make them pay for the Denial of Service attacks on the Javina’s Tanning Salon, and Ronnie’s Man the Fuck Up Gym’s websites. We will go around the country, searching for these nerds wherever they may be, and kick those damn lizard fucking foureyes’ asses!

Here’s what those gibronis look like:

You remember those assholes, right? All right bros, let’s go get those nerds.

Wrestlemania 1990: IT ISN’T OVER!

Were you one of those assholes who watched professional wrestling when you were a kid? Do you still watch it now? Really? What did you like about it I wonder? The muscles? The tights? The bulges? (My favorite part) The acting? Doesn’t really matter. I got good news for all you WWE “golden age” fanboys out there. Warp back to 1990 baby, because we got ourselves a good one, and this time…it’s for realz.

Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. They hate each other now more than ever. For reasons unknown except to the almighty wrestling gods, these two have begun their feud all over again. Hulk Hogan and his wife partner swapping whores? Hulk on all day coke binges? These are just some of the accusations coming from the the Warriors camp. Hulks reaction… I’m gonna sue the shit out of you!


It's Rocky VI all over again!

Yeah, Warrior! Give ’em that pre match smack talk!

Seriously, though, wtf. Why is the Warrior complaining that Hulks wanted him to screw his wife? That sounds awesome!

Until next time.