Wrestlemania 1990: IT ISN’T OVER!

Were you one of those assholes who watched professional wrestling when you were a kid? Do you still watch it now? Really? What did you like about it I wonder? The muscles? The tights? The bulges? (My favorite part) The acting? Doesn’t really matter. I got good news for all you WWE “golden age” fanboys out there. Warp back to 1990 baby, because we got ourselves a good one, and this time…it’s for realz.

Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. They hate each other now more than ever. For reasons unknown except to the almighty wrestling gods, these two have begun their feud all over again. Hulk Hogan and his wife partner swapping whores? Hulk on all day coke binges? These are just some of the accusations coming from the the Warriors camp. Hulks reaction… I’m gonna sue the shit out of you!


It's Rocky VI all over again!

Yeah, Warrior! Give ’em that pre match smack talk!

Seriously, though, wtf. Why is the Warrior complaining that Hulks wanted him to screw his wife? That sounds awesome!

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6 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 1990: IT ISN’T OVER!

  1. The tights and the bulges. I hated it when the wrestlers would wear jeans or leggings. I have fond memories of being mesmerized by Bill Goldberg in short b&w speedos.

  2. In 1988 I had 3rd row seats at the very first Summerslam at MSG. Final match was Hulk and Macho Man (RIP!) vs. The MIllion Dollar Man and Andre the fucking GIANT. We sat between Regis Philbin on one side, and all of Run DMC on the other. It was AWESOME. (Although the fact that i was a nerdy 6th grade girl with braces into wrestling was anything BUT awesome.)

    Hulk today, though? With his trashy family? Is anything more depressing? Ok, maybe every Hoarders episode… but still. Ick.

    • That’s SICK! A that must of been so cool. Most every kids dreams! (Though in the slope we got our share. Steve Buscemi?). Me, not really. Despite all my friends worshipping the wrestling gods, I never really took a liking to it for some reason.

      You really had to be a a certain type of guy to be a pro wrestler. You can tell by watching their videos that most of them were just not all there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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