On Pee

Everybody pees.Pee Rants

Pee controls my life, and it probably controls yours. Pee can ruin a day. Pee can get on your clothes. Pee can enter your mouth. Pee can control minds. This isn’t bullshit. Our bladders are incredibly schixofrenic. Sometimes you feel like you just don’t have to pee at all all day, and it’s awesome. But sometimes your sitting in a really important meeting, or watching a movie, or doing anything that you want to do and you have to pee every 2 seconds. What is it about pee? Why is it sometimes I can be sitting down and just completely ignore my pee for hours, and other times, like right before I’m about to bang my GF, I get all conscious about my pee and it ruins everything. WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEE? Why hasn’t there been any technological advances with this crap (pee)? Sure we have fancy toilets and the like, but why do I have to get up and go to the bathroom anyway. We have portable music, portable computers, portable drinks (that cause me to pee), but when I got to do the most basic biological function, I got to run around drunk asking store managers at 3 in the morning to use their bathroom, and when they all reject me, having to just do it in the street like a savage. LIKE A SAVAGE! We need new technology. We need the iPee.

Pee Chances

Pee can change your life as well. How many times has pee changed the course of your day? Whether it’s waiting for someone to pee, or journeying around for that special place where you can let it go. You could have a chance encounter with someone special!  You could find the love of your life because of your urge to pee. It’s totally possible. What else in the world is so regular, yet so profound.

Pee Conclusions

Everyone pees. Men pee, women pee, the President pees, Kim Jung Il pees. We are all connected in the fact that we pee. It can be annoying, but we can all be profoundly changed by its strange power.

How does pee affect your life?


Ladies rejoice! There is actually a “portible urination device” on the market for you guys! It’s called the “Shewee”. Yes, the SheWee. Holy jesus.

Find it at http://www.shewee.com/newstore/

10 thoughts on “On Pee

  1. haha, what a great tool for ladies. When I was a toddler, I felt sad about not able to pee like boys.
    The “pee game” tool suggest by Aida is funny too.

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