Sleepy Saturdays: Sailor Moon

I think you guys should know by now I’m pretty non-functional on Saturdays. Hung over, tired, and sleepy. I can’t even think, let alone write. That’s why on my Sleepy Saturdays I bring you the best hangover cures to sooth that aching headache, and maybe even make your stone face smile. Today I present to you one of the most perverted ideas for a show ever, Sailor Moon. Five Japanese school girls who turn into panty flashing superhero school girls. Amazing. Well, needless to say, I watched. I liked this show way too much. I could have been watching for another reason, but I can’t confirm that, see “How I Discovered Porn”.

So for all you closet Sailor Moon fans out there, here’s a trip down memory lane:

I know this song by heart. Dead serious.

Here’s where she gets all naked. Sweet!

Ahh. Wasn’t that nice? Are you filled with the warm bubbly feelings of nostalgia? I hope so. I leave you with this. If you can’t tell, that’s Sailor Mars giving a super badass kick in a skirt. Enjoy!
Sailor Mar's Panties