Sleepy Saturdays: Sailor Moon

I think you guys should know by now I’m pretty non-functional on Saturdays. Hung over, tired, and sleepy. I can’t even think, let alone write. That’s why on my Sleepy Saturdays I bring you the best hangover cures to sooth that aching headache, and maybe even make your stone face smile. Today I present to you one of the most perverted ideas for a show ever, Sailor Moon. Five Japanese school girls who turn into panty flashing superhero school girls. Amazing. Well, needless to say, I watched. I liked this show way too much. I could have been watching for another reason, but I can’t confirm that, see “How I Discovered Porn”.

So for all you closet Sailor Moon fans out there, here’s a trip down memory lane:

I know this song by heart. Dead serious.

Here’s where she gets all naked. Sweet!

Ahh. Wasn’t that nice? Are you filled with the warm bubbly feelings of nostalgia? I hope so. I leave you with this. If you can’t tell, that’s Sailor Mars giving a super badass kick in a skirt. Enjoy!
Sailor Mar's Panties

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Sailor Moon

  1. Ahh….this takes me back…I remember those days, when anime was less about ginormous breasts that defy gravity, not that I am complaining mind you, and more about subtle perversions that you could only catch if puberty had just hit you like a granite block to the back of the skull. I liked this show back in the day, and needless to say it led to my eventual discovery that the internet contains material for all fantasies regardless of when they were thought up. I liked this post for its nostalgic essence into my own perverted thoughts in those days 🙂

    • I wish I could remember the exact feelings I got while watching this show. I knew it was kind of a guilty pleasure, but I don’t remember why I was embarassed to tell my friends about it. The perversion factor? I dunno. I wanna remember!

      • Yeah it was probably perversion. I know it was such in my case because that was my initial introduction into anime. I watched Dragon Ball Z religiously every Saturday Morning because I loved the action and fighting and I watched Sailor Moon afterwards because something inside me told me that girls in school girl type outfits with short skirts was a topic I would enjoy for the rest of my male life. 😛

  2. Same as barbie. Sailormoon was a girl thing but I could not help but watch it when growing up in Hong Kong. I forget what the appeal was but I watched it religiously with my sister.

    On the playground at school the guys would all rag on it, proclaiming instead the magnificence of Dragonball Z. I’d chime in but deep down my love for these shows were equal.

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