Happy Hallo-ween!

The long awaited adult Halloween has come and gone. I say “adult” Halloween because we all know we aren’t waiting to go around and collect candy. We’re waiting to dress up like a complete asshole, get butt rocked wasted and pick up some girl dressed up as a slutty little red riding hood. Today was the real thing! Not nearly as exciting.

Thought I should show you all what I was this year. It was pretty much the epitome of awesome. Wish I could rock it for all of time.
Halloween Costume 2011
Yeah, that’s me on the left. I’d say it was one of my best of all time. Why don’t we compare it to some of me other recent costumes from Halloweens past…
Didn’t do Halloween last year for some dumb reason but lets warp back to 2009!
Halloween Costume 2009
I was a sexy slightly homosexual football player! Rockin right? You can clearly see the eyeshadow around my sexy ass eyes.
Warp back to 2008!
Halloween Costume 2008
I was some sort of shitty Koala. Not too proud of this one. Especially since I paid just about a dollar for whatever that is I was wearing on my head.
And finally, to 2007!
Halloween Costume 2007
Great, right? Costume 100% bought at wall-mart, where it was super easy to get size 60 waste pants and suspenders.

So that’s my last couple of Halloweens. Still think that this year topped them all for sexiness.

Anyway, hope you all have a great Halloween!


Yeah, about the title. I celebrated Halloween with my students. In all the classes I would set up some Halloween decorations and write in big letters “Happy Halloween!” on the blackboard. Anyway, when the partying (if you could call it that) was over and we were cleaning up, one of the kids erased Happy and ween and goes “Hey, Max, look! Hallo!!! I thought it was hilarious.

9 thoughts on “Happy Hallo-ween!

  1. They look like some awesome parties.

    I’m now at that wonderful age where trick or treating has faded into the doldrums of lamity (not a word spellcheck? I don’t care), and Halloween is now a wondrous excuse to become somewhat inebriated and fornicate with acquaintances (as if you need an excuse for that). I ended up in front of Westpac Bank at 3am in the morning shouting “screw capitalism!” and singing 80s pop songs with some compatriots of mine. Funnily enough I wasn’t even drunk, that says a lot about my character I imagine…

      • Well I wasn’t intending to go, but I decided to at the last minute. My costume was a leather jacket, some jeans, a broken plastic gun an akubra hat and some garlic. With a Germanic accent I managed to convince most of the intoxicated denizens that I was indeed Von Helsing.

  2. I’m so ridiculously jealous of your awesome Halloween pictures. My last Halloween outing was about four years ago when I got dressed up as a disco zombie. Ever since then work has always stolen my Halloween celebrations, set fire to them, and buried them in the local park. I should eat their brains to teach them a lesson.

  3. I’m glad you had a great time. I dressed up as a grumpy old man in training. Hey wait a minute. That’s was what I dressed up as for the last five years! Well, I did sing some 80’s songs, but it was at eight in the evening. My bedtime is always nine. Thanks for the great pictures.

    • Halloween starts a 5 and ends at 9. I think you did pretty well. I think after five years you would be well passed the point of grumpy man in training. I would say you a fully fledged grumpy old man! Could you train me?

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