Sleepy Saturdays: Berries and Cream

Welcome to another edition of Sleepy Saturdays!

During my college years, I was a funny man. I was a clownish man. I was a…berries man. Not really, but everyone said I was, all because of this commercial. It defined my freshman year.

Well, apparently this guy is my twin. And you know what… I can see it.

Have a great weekend!


Berries and Cream

14 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Berries and Cream

  1. Practicing for a Thanksgiving pilgrim role / Sat. Night Live…or just for a part in a Halloween slasher movie? (cheer leaders never do well in those) (OK, so I’m a bit macabre today…) Still the pixs are funny…(but eerie sort of…)

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