I Think I’m Some Sort of Hero

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a strange mystical weblog. This weblog was entitled Me Vs. The Normal People, and was hosted in a world similar to the land of Oz. Upon visiting this blog, I was commanded to search for a mystical animal native to the strange land called the Zebragus. So I, armed with my neon slippers, and my faithful Pistol Shrimp companion, headed off on to quest for this elusive flying wonder.

We searched far and wide. Over the rainbow, above the clouds, under the gorilla humping the shark, in the birthday cake, in the alligators mouth, on the house on the golden horse that shoots beams from his eyes back… EVERYWHERE! We even met Waldo! We were thinking about giving up, when suddenly, from under the shadow of the whale with wings, from behind the clouds, came the mystical Zebragus! And what a majestic beast he was!

For our victory, me and my Pistol Shrimp of a partner were given a plaque. We shall hang it up with pride! We were also allowed to ride some of the kick-ass animals. Fuck yeah.

Thank you world similar to that of Oz. I shall never forget thee.

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