Sleepy Saturdays: Monsters Under Your Bed

I never personally believed in this, but I’ve been giving it some seriously thought recently. If you actually believed that there were monsters under your bed, how frickin’ scary would that have been? Just some huge malevolent force chillin’ under your bed. These monsters don’t just appear out of nowhere. First you need something to give you idea; Steven Spielberg’s “Poltergeist” would work (the origin of all clown fears, damn clown monster). I must of seen this movie hundreds of times when I was a kid.

The next step is imagination, and a kids imagination can royally fuck them. Look at these real monsters that kids have come up with:

And there you have it. The basis for all mentally disturbed children. You think child abuse, and divorces fuck up children? Imagine a kid thinking there’s a huge thing trying to eat them under their bed all the time. No comparison.


11 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Monsters Under Your Bed

  1. Don’t you think as kids we’re pretty vain to think that some monster is going to take his time, wait under our bed until we are asleep or half asleep, and then pop out and eat us? I guess as kids we never really gave thought as to why a monster would be there and really only paid attention to the question what if he IS there? Not knowing was the scary part..and today’s media knows that and use it all the time. The monster under our bed is now the monster in our tv, on our internet, in our news.

    • I used to think that if I could jump far enough away from the side of my bed the monster would not be able to hurt me. I think I was channeling my experience with Mario Brothers to discover what are the best ways of flying ducks.

      • Thanks for the comment!

        I can’t really related cause I never was scared of monsters under my bed. What I was scared of was the blob coming in through the vent in my bathroom while I was going #2!

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