Sleepy Saturdays: Drive Recklessly

Hello netizens and welcome to another addition of Sleepy Saturdays, a quick injection of weekend humor. This week on Sleepy Saturdays I give you an impossible situation: Would you kill a person if you knew they would cause the destruction of the entire world? And had a time machine? This video addresses all those problems and more. Enjoy!

Amazing. Raises some great questions.

Happy Saturdays!

13 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Drive Recklessly

  1. Kind of unrelated, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to get hit by a car. I always imagined myself jumping up and just rolling over the hood and landing on my feet. For some strange reason, I’m scared to test that out.

  2. That was literally fantastic! And also, it’s going to provide a perfectly justifiable excuse for mowing people down as I drive around. Get in!

    Maxim, you’ve done it again 😉

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