Sleepy Saturdays: Comic-Con

Comic-Con LogoWelcome loyal readers to another edition of Maxim is too hung over to write aka Sleep Saturdays. Today on Sleepy Saturdays we celebrate the beginning of a great American icon, Comic-Con in San Diego. And the best thing about Comic-Con? All the awesome cosplay action. Here are some kick ass cosplay pics for your pleasure. Don’t work Handgelina too much now!

Black SpidermanI feel like spiderman needs something a little…more.
SpartanSpartan man definitely has enough of it. Go give spidey some pointers.
Block warriors.Am I stupid for not knowing what these guys are? Still awesome. I love being in cardboard!
Some Star Wars DudeThis guy makes me wet.
Storm TrooperMy hero. Don’t mess.

So far all you comic lovers out there, make the world a better place by dressing up as you favorite characters and strutting your stuff. Doesn’t even have to be at a convention. I guarantee wherever you go you will be extremely popular. The best part about it is I will love you for it.

Happy Saturday!


10 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Comic-Con

  1. Scary shit. Being British makes me culturally scornful to such silly notions (a naked stormtrooper, tish patosh!), but being scottish makes me wish I wasn’t.

    Americans know how to make a fool of themselves, in style! *bow*

    • Yeah, you brits gotta stop being so reserved. We know you have a strong foolish history. You don’t have to hide it. I’ve seen Monty Python.

  2. Oh goodness. I’m a costumer, so costumes are my life. But seeing people like this? Makes me me sort of regret my plans to dress up as a wizard and have a wand-fight in the Harry Potter themepark… Sort of.

    • I knew you were a god-damned wizard. I happen an awesome High-elf, and I will seek out and destroy you. I’m off to get Gandalf as we speak. Be afraid…

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