Going to a Faraway Land

On Vacation!Hello my loyal readers! Summer has come. Are you enjoying it? The sun, the babes, the bugs, the pollen, the humidity, the BBQs, the sweat, the beach, and the burns? All that great stuff. Well I certainly am! And for a teacher, summer means only one thing… SUMMER VACATION! Woot, woot! I’ll be leaving the land of the rising sun and going back to the great nation of… my home! Which by the way, rocks the house all night.

Unfortunately, what that means for you is until August 20th, Maxim’s Madness will mostly be out of commission. I may give a small update here or there, may even do a full, hard core entry. Then again, I may not! Depends on how awesome, or not awesome my vacation is! But, I will keep my notepad open and record all the awesome experiences that find their way to me, so I can tell you everything when I come back. And believe me, there will be stories. Epic stories. In the mean time, be sure to check out Maxim’s Madness from the very beginning! I’m sure there’s been a couple of awesome posts you have missed, or just want to read again!

So until I return, as we say in Japan… Poop bam baloon, or Good Bye!

3 thoughts on “Going to a Faraway Land

  1. Ah, have a good vacation! I shall be thinking of you and the other lucky buggers off on their jollies while I’m stuck at work in a air-conditioning-free zone. ASDA FTW! O.o

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