21 thoughts on “In The Shower

    • Oh, it is done.

      I love wonder woman! I still long for my homemade superman outfit with red dyed tighty-whighties from when I was a kid. We could be partners!

  1. I’ve just moved into my new house and had to have my decrepid landlord drive over 60 miles to come and show me how to use it. I am an epic fail.

  2. I’m 35 and I still act like I’m the Emperor from Return of the Jedi when I’m in the shower. The water flowing through my arms (yes through) (shut up) is electricity and, as long as Luke doesn’t stand above waist height I zap the life from him while simultaneously washing the day’s dirt away.

  3. Loved it. Hope all these people are not getting turned on seeing what you actually look like in the shower though.

    Your mother

    And I’ve been trying to call you.

    • Thanks for the cares. I am currently moving out of Japan, back to the States…huge hassle. Also going through crazy personal drama as a result of my decision! Lots of material for later!

      • Oh dear.. Personal drama = no fun. I hope you get back to the states in one piece! Also, I look fun to your drama being turned into good stories for meeee! =)

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