Sleepy Saturdays: Old Man is a Beast

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Sleepy Saturdays, where you get some thing I thought was funny after a night of heavy Friday drinking. I’m getting the feeling I do as much of these now then regular blog entries! My bad I guess.

This week, we have a frickin’ beast of an old man. This guy is 100 years old, sprinting and running marathons. Can you believe that? He is bigger than Jesus in my eyes. Check him out!

I’m pretty sure he runs faster than I do. How sad is that? Bigger than Jesus, guys. Bigger than Jesus…

Have a great Saturday!


Old Guy

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturdays: Old Man is a Beast

  1. Amazing! Old people are generally awesome, anyway. I had a 72 year old virgin chat me up at work the other day. How did I know he was a virgin, I hear you ask? BECAUSE HE TOLD ME. He also told me he owned ‘a Mercedes and two houses’ before giving me a wink.
    Never had I needed to go on my break more in my life.

    • People would be so much more productive if we just took sex out of our lives. Hell, I would be fucking Bill Gates. I know that for a fact, don’t dispute it!

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