Mini Robots Out to Destroy Humanity

A VirusWhat do you see when you look at this picture? It has eight legs, a screw like base, geometric shaped body… I think if you asked any kid what they thought that was, they would say it looks like a robot. But no, you go to biology class, and they tell you that it’s something called a virus. They make us sick, even kill us. Scientists don’t even consider these things alive. Yet they believe that they’re totally natural beings.

When did we get so naive? It’s obvious what it is. This is a microscopic killer robot. There is no other explanation. These robots seek out targets and destroy them indiscriminately. The question is, who designed these robots and how do we stop them?

Are our scientists being controlled by alien beings? Lying to us about the nature of these things? We must find out, and soon… before we all catch another cold. I will investigate this breakthrough further…until then, may god help you.

1 thought on “Mini Robots Out to Destroy Humanity

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